How to make money with Adfly in 2013


How to make money with Adfly, the URL shortener website. Tips and tricks for 2013.

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Adfly is the best way and easiest way to make money online without stress. In this article you will learn detailed instructions on how to earn money online with the URL with Adfly tips and tricks that I use to earn more than 50 € per day (note: in this article I will give you the tools to make money with Adfly, the figures you earn depend solely on you, this means that if you are a creative person and maybe you already have some active channel could easily overtake me;)).


How does Adfly work?

Adfly is a website that pays you when someone visits your shortened links. With Adfly you can promote any link. You can take visits to your links by posting them on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, websites, etc … and earn every time a user clicks on them. For example, if you have a large number of Followers on Twitter and Facebook fans, it is even easier to earn a lot of money!

Join the affiliate program

To subscribe to Adfly visit the website and after you have registered you will be asked to confirm your registration via a link that will be emailed to you. Then, login to the site with the email address and password you used to register and update your profile indicating the method of payment you prefer. Payments are made monthly to achieve a minimum of $ 5.

Let’s start to make money!

Here we are! Now you can copy any URL, paste it in the space, “Shrink it” and start making money! (Ex: ->
Start by pasting your link on your Facebook wall, on Twitter, on the Forums, etc … whenever a user clicks on your link will be automatically redirected to a page sponsor Adfly with a counter, positioned at the top right, 5 seconds. Upon expiry of the 5 seconds you will be able to click the “Next” button and go to the original link.

Tips and tricks to make fast money with Adfly

I will try to give you some ideas to start making money with Adfly and, as I said at the beginning, your income depends on your creativity and on your sources.

Make Money with Adfly on Facebook: You have a page with many fans? you have an account with a lot of friends? It seeks to share with them that they can link to interest him, with a brief descriptive note, urging them to click on it. Ex: “Watch Avatar Streaming here ->”

Make Money with Adfly on Twitter: write an interesting note, but very exaggerated directing people to click on your link! Ex: “How to buy a car with only 10 €, find out now here:”

Make Money with Adfly on Youtube: If you have videos uploaded to YouTube, add your links in the description Adfly! This can become an interesting source of income.

Make Money with Adfly on Forum: Put your Adfly link in your signature and remember to always link via adfly if you happen to have something to link to a user.


Well! Now you have everything you need to start earning money with Adfly! However … I could share with you a few more PRECIOUS COUNCIL … ;)

To receive my advice, for FREE, you just have to follow these simple steps:

1)  Subscribe to Adfly by this link

2) Contact me by filling out the form below indicating your Referral ID (you will find it on the page once registered on the site of Adfly)

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If you have any suggestions or do you want to discuss new ways to earn money online with Adfly leave a comment below! ;)

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